1. How to hail a cab: Taxis can typically be hailed on the street by raising your hand or waiting at a designated taxi stand.
  2. Payment methods: Taxis usually accept cash or credit card payments. Some also accept mobile payments through apps like Apple Pay or Google Wallet.
  3. Meters and fares: Most taxis use a meter to calculate the fare, which is based on the distance and time of the ride. Make sure the meter is running and ask for a receipt at the end of the ride.
  4. Tips: Tipping the driver is usually expected, usually 10-20% of the fare.
  5. Safety: Always check that the cab is licensed and that the driver has proper identification. Avoid sharing personal information and if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, get out of the cab.
  6. Special needs: If you have special needs, such as a wheelchair or a service animal, let the dispatcher know when you book your ride so that they can match you with a suitable vehicle.
  7. Know your route: It’s a good idea to know your route or have a map or GPS with you.
  8. Extra charges: Some taxi companies may charge extra for things like baggage, additional passengers, or tolls. Be aware of these potential charges before the ride.
  9. Reservations: Some taxi companies require reservations, especially during peak hours, so it’s a good idea to book in advance.

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